Danny Barnycz has been making cash registers ring for 30 years. First in the entertainment business, and most famously in shopping malls. In 1987, Herb Miller, founding chairman of The Mills, brought Danny on to help revolutionize the mall experience. The creative and technical brain behind The Mills, Danny helped create the most successful, branded shopping malls on the planet. He brought a new dynamism and buzz to the mall, adding video, animatronics, content, interactivity and sponsorship platforms to the previously stale and lifeless space. He created Mills TV— the first of it's kind mall-wide distributed video network launched 25 years ahead of the curve. Later, Danny co-created LYTE, the next evolution of retail and the Internet. Again partnering with Herb Miller as well as Jim O'Donnell the COO from the Gap, LYTE created the media lab for retail’s future iterations. With backing from AT&T, they developed the framework, the patents, and prototype for the next generation of retail.

Today, Danny leads his high-octane company on projects around the globe. With his team of worldclass technologist, systems designers, experience architects, artists, engineers, and content creators, Danny is doing the same gig he’s done all his life—creating the next generation of unforgettable experiences.